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Pluridisciplinarity and conviviality give rhythm to the life of our team

Give meaning to our mission

Gathered around the values that guide us in our daily decisions, we all have the ambition to give meaning to our work

Composed of various and complementary profiles, our team has a real multidisciplinary and creative technical force

Recruitments in 2020
Years old on average
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Good mood
Recruitments in 2020
Years old on average
0 %
Good mood

Discover our team spirit

Technical excellence - Curiosity - Audacity - Engagement - Confidence

Work environment

Kaduceo is located in Toulouse, a city in the southwest of France with more than 1.3 million inhabitants – The offices are located in a space of more than 2 500m² dedicated to innovation

Internal tools

Because communication and exchange are essential, several tools are deployed to facilitate the sharing of information between employees, the monitoring of projects and the storage of resources:

Slack / Slite / Nextcloud

Jean-Baptiste Excoffier

Data Scientist

Benjamin Talou

Product Development Manager

Anne-Claire Brunet

Data Scientist

Samuel Kerr

Data Scientist

Arthur Rosant

UX-UI Designer

Mélissa Masson

Data Scientist

Elodie Escriva

PhD cand Computer science

Jordan Noailletas

FullStack Developer

Hugo Broucke

Data Scientist

Noémie Salaün-Penquer

Data Manager

Matthieu Ortala

Founder & CEO


Historically based in Toulouse, Kaduceo offers its employees the possibility of alternating between face-to-face work and telecommuting. This is why a telework charter has been put in place, providing for a fixed daily allowance for each day teleworked.

Relax & Share

It is also through convivial moments that the team is built! Remote or in person, blind-test, pictionnary, quiz, escape game, picnic… are for example on the program throughout the year!

Collaborative organization

The startup spirit is there! Several times of exchange and participative work are organized in order to align the teams and the company’s project. Workshops, braintorming sessions, idea boxes… are all part of Kaduceo life!

Learning organization

Kaduceo places the excellence of its employees at the heart of its corporate project. This is why the company invests to develop the skills of its teams, welcomes young people in training and transmits its knowledge.

Corentin Chataignon

FullStack Engineer

Cédric Giorgi

Deputy CEO

Frédéric Brabant


Christelle Algans

Data Scientist

Elise Baylocq

Communication Manager

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