Through health data, Kaduceo’s team explores and develops intelligent models and digital solutions to guide healthcare professionals in their practices and the management of their activities

Improve care pathways

Analysis and optimise solution for long and complex care pathways at the hospital or territorial level

Interactive modelisation

Keocare presents a complete modeling of one or more care pathways and allows to monitor key indicators

Decision support

Keocare provides a medico-economic view of pathways, organizational improvement and comparison of practices

Heath data analysis mission

Providing our data science expertise to extract information from your health data and transform it into knowledge and intelligence

Support & Method

Kaduceo proposes a methodological approach to identify upstream needs and issues to carry out health data analysis work

Exemples of mission

Data Analysis for Research Work and Scientific Publications | Care Pathway Comparison | Identification of a Risk Score for Course Abandonment | Study on Drug Use | Prediction of Activity and Flow...

Data warehouse

Inter-institutional or inter-cohort collaborative solution to store and study your data and share your projects

Data valorisation

Grouping, securing and standardizing heterogeneous databases of an institution, territory or cohorts

Dynamics of research

Facilitating data sharing and developing collaborative medical research

Who we are

We believe that data science applied to the medical sector improves the experience of healthcare professionals and contributes to the optimization of our system.

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