Healthcare future from your data

At Kaduceo we believe that health data helps create better patient journey. Since 2014, our expertise has optimized and predicted the path of thousands of patients. Our solutions allows our medical partners to improve and anticipate the activity of their medical institutions.

Value Based Healthcare


Improved medical support, care coordination and journey optimization

Value Based Healthcare

Preventive care improvement, cost reduction and internal resources optimization


Optimal course identification, outcome prediction, risk indicators


Clustering, leakage rate identification and understanding, patient journey observations

Data analytics

HIPAA Hosting

We host your data on a HIPAA approved hosting provider and we anonymize them via our secure platform.

Artificial Intelligence

We use and develop machine learning and deep learning tools for health big data analysis : pre-processing, clustering, classification and regression


Service reorganization, decision support, economic valuation, publication of research.

Matthieu Ortala


Noémie Salaün-Penquer

Data Manager

Anne-Claire Brunet

R&D Engineer

Jean-Baptiste Excoffier

R&D Engineer

Christelle Algans

Data Scientist

Samuel Kerr

Data Analyst

Salomé Epaud

Data Analyst

Mélissa Masson

Data Analyst

Donalie Nugues

Communication & Marketing

Our team

We are passionate, curious, creative and we love challenges. We put all our skills to meet your needs.



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