1st no-code autoML platform for healthcare data

Leverage your data into actionable insights

Simplify data analytics with Kaduceo and access a world of possibilities through AI modeling and machine learning.

1st no-code autoML platform for healthcare data

1st no-code autoML platform dedicated to healthcare

Leverage your data into key performance enhancement

Our platform simplifies healthcare data analytics and brings you access to the full potential of AI. Let your decisions be guided by looking proactively from now on!

Kaduceo, Boite à outils d'IA Organisationnelle dédiée aux acteurs hospitaliers
Kaduceo - Analyses prédictives de vos données de santé

1st no-code AutoML platform

100% healthcare oriented

1st no-code autoML platform for healthcare data

Unlock your data in 3 easy steps

Build descriptive analytics and predictive models autonomously without any technical expertise. Test your hypothesis in a matter of minutes. Access the results seamlessly inside our favorite software. Get actionable insights and make better decisions.

File import or EHR integration via API calls. Create subsets and cohorts. Enrich your data with external data sources (climate, pollution, water quality, ...).

From a vast catalog of predefined templates, build descriptive analytics or machine learning models. Create your own model from scratch using our step-by-step autoML engine.

Graphical data visualization and model explainability (XAI). Create your own dashboard to display and share results or integrate them into your favorite software via API push.

Smooth onboarding

Import your files or simply integrate through API connectors with your health IT system. Build cohorts and enrich your data with relevant datasets (weather, pollution...)

Build your analytics and predictive models

Choose a template from our extensive use case catalog or build your model from scratch using our proprietary AutoML engine

Set it and forget it

Deploy your models and visualize your results directly inside your favorite software via API integration. Don't have a favorite software? Build your own dashboard and share it with your team.

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    Our no-code solution goes beyond technical simplification. By significantly reducing the time required between initial input and output, we promote agile and iterative approaches. Our solution provides interpretable and explainable algorithms, so hospital staff can confidently make better decisions on a daily basis.

    1st no-code autoML platform for healthcare data

    Break free from technological barriers

    Focus on your clinical, organizational or economic needs. Let the platform do the heavy lifting!

    No-code does not mean DIY!

    No-code illustrates the ability of a solution to remove the barrier of computer programming to be accessible to all. Applied to machine learning, no-code allows the simplified construction of predictive models.

    80% of the work saved!

    The Kaduceo solution automates the standardization of fields and variables, the cleaning and consistency control of your data. 

    Test your hypotheses in record time!

    Taking into account your data and your choice of parameters, AutoML engine compares several combinations of algorithms and hyperparameters for you in record time. The goal is to identify the configuration that will give the most reliable and relevant results.

    Make smart decisions!

    Understanding and interpreting results is essential to create confidence and promote AI adoption. Access graphical elements of explainability allowing you to know the impact of each variable for each result obtained.

    1st no-code autoML platform for healthcare data

    Re(give) meaning to data input

    By showing real world uses of data, Kaduceo participates in giving meaning to data input and in improving its quality and quantity. It is a virtuous loop that is set up: quality data provides better predictions and daily use of predictions encourages better quality data entry.

    Information input is often experienced as an administrative constraint with no perceived benefit for the clinician. With the Kaduceo platform, we can finally expect a return! Machine learning brings us visibility, understanding and projection to improve our practices and the reception of our patients.

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