REMEDIA challenge

Improve health and reduce the overall burden of disease by addressing the impact of environment on health.

H2020 REMEDIA project

An estimated 12.6 million deaths each year are attributable to unsanitary environments. Of these deaths, 7 million are caused by air pollution leading to chronic respiratory diseases, which are considered one of the leading causes of environment-related deaths.

The overall objective of the REMEDIA project is to determine how and to what extent the exposome affects the severity and morbidity of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Cystic Fibrosis (CF) throughout the disease, thus providing key elements to design more tailored prevention and care programs.

REMEDIA stands as a European Human Exposome research project. Its unique methodology relies on using atmospheric simulation chambers, integrating a unified clinical data repository and applying advanced machine learning approaches. 

REMEDIA project results will help predict disease risk by acquisition of new knowledge on the influence of external exposures on biological pathways at different life-stages and identify early signs of health damage caused by environmental factors.

Key figures H2020 REMEDIA

Member of the European Network on the Human Exposome: the largest network in the world studying the impact of environmental exposure on human health

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The role of Kaduceo

Preparation of datasets

Kaduceo identifies within each cohort the variables related to the respiratory health of the patients and those allowing to model the exposome. A work of support to Remedia partners in data access requests is in progress as well as a data harmonization making inter-cohort analyses possible. In addition, each of the cohorts is enriched with meta-data in order to facilitate their use by the different Remedia partners, but also for future research projects

Health datawarehouse

Creation of the secure architecture - creation of import programs - automated transformation of data sources into a standardized format - aggregation of external public data (data enrichment)

European project management

Provision of a project manager dedicated to the H2020 REMEDIA project: she is the privileged interlocutor of the partners involved in the European project - organization of meetings - follow-up of the planning - centralization of the progress and enrichment of the knowledge sharing tool dedicated to the H2020 REMEDIA project

The actors involded

Dr Sophie Lanone INSERM - Project coordinator "H2020-REMEDIA"

H2020-REMEDIA is part of the work carried out by the world's largest research network studying the environmental impact on human health: 9 projects, more than 100 million euros invested by Europe. One of the most important challenges to ensure its success is to succeed in bringing together several disciplines from different structures (academic or private) and governed by different complex legislation related to the security of health data.

Pr Etienne Audureau Epidemiologist – CHU Henri Mondor, AP-HP – INSERM  Co-leader « H2020-REMEDIA » Work Package 2

The creation of a common database integrating both individual and environmental data is one of the major expectations of the REMEDIA project. The integration of these multidimensional data in a dedicated space will make it possible to capture all the complexity of the links between respiratory diseases and the exposome, thanks in particular to the implementation of machine learning algorithms.

Pr Ralph Epaud Head of the Centre for Rare Respiratory Diseases and the Cystic Fibrosis Centre - CHI Créteil - "H2020-REMEDIA" co-leader of Work Package 2

A better understanding of the complex relationship between the environment and chronic respiratory diseases, whether genetic (cystic fibrosis) or environmental (COPD), means better adapting the care of our patients to the world around them

EHEN International work package

With his expertise in health data, Matthieu Ortala, Founder and CEO of Kaduceo, represents the H2020 REMEDIA project at meetings of the EHEN (European Human Exposome Network) working group on health data warehouse issues.

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