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Anticipate Saturation Risks Several Days in Advance with MedCapacity Planner

Use Case Description

MedCapacity Planner represents an Application Programming Interface (API) that integrates with the bed management business software, providing a predictive view of the state of a hospital service up to 7 days in advance. The MedCapacity Planner platform offers various services, such as predicting the length of stay for hospitalized patients, assessing the risk of emergency hospitalization, predicting planned and unplanned flows, as well as anticipating block occupancy. These features, when combined, reliably predict hospital organization. Equipped with explanatory and transparent features regarding the generated predictive scores, MedCapacity Planner provides bed managers with the ability to make informed and optimized decisions.

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Return on Investment

  • Anticipate potential bottlenecks several days in advance, avoiding time and money losses by implementing preventive measures as soon as possible.
  • Increase reliability by automating the exportation of the forecasted length of stay into the management software, allowing calculated gains based on hundreds of variables.
  • Improve responsiveness through automatic alerts in case of predicting a tense situation.

They Use MedCapacity Planner