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Improve Your IQSS with QualiLdS Tool

Use Case Description

The QualiLdS tool automates the verification of the quality criteria of the discharge letter defined by the Haute Autorité de Santé. With an advanced text comprehension algorithm, the tool examines the letter and can indicate, for each criterion, whether it is met, while justifying its response by citing the reference passage in the letter. Whether in SaaS mode or directly implemented on-site, the QualiLdS tool allows you to quickly analyze a vast set of letters, obtaining analysis results in just a few minutes. It also enables one-click identification of letters that need adjustment to optimize their IQSS score.


Return on Investment

  • Free up time for medical staff! With QualiLdS, up to 10 minutes of analysis can be saved for each letter.
  • Optimize your IFAQ envelope! With QualiLdS, quickly identify areas for improvement in your letters to enhance your scores and optimize the funds received from the IFAQ envelope each year.
  • Place quality at the heart of your institution's project and improve city-hospital communication to optimize patient follow-up.

They Use QualiLdS