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Generate a Summary Report or Discharge Letter in a Snap by Aggregating Various Information Sources with SynthEZ

Use Case Description

The SynthEZ tool automates the generation of medical reports and discharge letters by aggregating various sources from the EHR and the Medical Imaging Management System. Whether it's medication prescriptions, operative reports, medical imaging, or lab results, SynthEZ can identify crucial information from each document to produce a relevant summary. With our customization module, easily adjust your document template to align with your institution's graphic guidelines.


Return on Investment

  • Opt for increased efficiency of medical staff! With SynthEZ, up to 30 minutes of writing can be saved for each generated summary.
  • Improve inter-institutional communication by producing comprehensive summaries for optimal patient follow-up.
  • Don't miss any medical information about your patient! SynthEZ consolidates all relevant information known about the patient for the current stay or previous stays.

They Use SynthEZ


As part of outpatient care for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse relies on SynthEZ to generate the patient's liaison letter.